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All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews. Once again as happens with too many potentially great vr games it s a case of a developer being so keen on comfort that it negatively.

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Hi do you have any plans on implementing the ability to walk towards where your hand is poiting instead of walking towards where your head is pointing.

Killing floor incursion movement. Killing floor incursion movement bug. When teleportation is selected as movement i m not able to teleport using the left thumbstick on the touch controller. A number of psvr users were dissapointed that they were getting a pc port that had teleporting click turning but this may be a ray of hope that we will also get free locomotion.

I dont think it makes any difference but i m on oculus and playing through their store i figured it s best to post here is it just me or does the movement feel incredibly broken. Killing floor incursion is insane a friend and i purchased this last night having read that an update was already out to address some of the initial issues. Nhowe99 always down to play.

I don t even want to play this game anymore because the movement controls suck so much compared to kf2 4. The speed of movement needs to be increased dramatically. I set the game to the experimental movement control where you can use the left stick to move and use the right stick to look around.

Character movement is handled out of the box by any game engine. Furthermore the graphics really take a beating when using locomotion e g you can see level of detail increasing in discrete steps instead of continous as you move. 2 points 1 year ago.

View entire discussion 6 comments more posts from the. Posted by 1 year ago. I just goolged around about killing floor.

Posted by 3 years ago. Incursion and found this oculus reddit post regarding the kf i movement. I have a huge issue with the game and cant finish the catacombs level because you need to use teleportation for movement to pass the bridge what a gamedesing failure.

Im having a huge problem with the controls in this game. The former is the most common locomotion for vive users i believe. I ve paid about 10 bucks and it was really worth it specially when you get the hang of smooth turning and free movement.

If anything teleportation is the thing requiring extra work. Any1 knows how to solve this issue. First yes there is still a tech glitch with being a guest in a co op game relating to smooth turning being disabled which they will surely address seeing has they were able to release an update immediately for the other problems.

Doesnt matter what buttons i try. Killing floor incursion will have free movement according to a user going by the name of tripwire s president. When i m playing holdout i get constantly caught up on the objects around me like buildings or even walls crucible map pretty much made me ragequit due to how i kept getting caught in the corners where the ammo.

Movement is killing floor.

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